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L'anguilla marinata of Comacchio

The oldest Manufacture of Marinated represents an important piece of the history of Comacchio, because he has restarted the entire cycle of the eel and smelts.

The history of the eel and workmanship are for Comacchio a key feature, for this with the recovery of the huge complex of the marinated factory, nestled in the historic center of Comacchio, is born, or rather reborn, the factory fish.
Eels, caught in brackish valleys surrounding the city, for centuries are processed and stored according to a pickling process remains unchanged in the time. In the past this activity was carried out by a host of families who, on behalf of the Company Valli, took care of the marinade. In the early decades of the '900 also she returned to work between the Company's prerogatives, together with the fish culture, supervision, internal administration and marketing of the catch.
An activity that has continued consecutively for over sixty years involving, in the period appointed to work, a large number of workers.
Today the Manufacture of Marinated consists of over sixteen hundred meters: presents the Hall of Fire, the heart of the complex, in which are kept twelve chimneys interspersed with niches, in which happened, and still happens processing of '' Anguilla marinade of the Comacchio ";
The Pit, where it landed the boats filled with eel and fish for marinating.
In its original state, it is also preserved vinegars room: with vats and barrels.
The Manufacture is today seat of the Museum dell'Anguilla a museum not to be missed if you want to understand the deep bond of Comacchiesi with the products of their waters.
It 'an experience that leaves perceive the gestures of everyday life of the past, passed by the fires and among the voices of women who choose the right brine, dosing vinegar, water, salt and bay leaves.


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