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Comacchio is the most original and fascinating historic town in the Po Delta

The city of Comacchio and its valleys represent the "heart" of the Delta, are in fact the green lung of the entire Adriatic coast from Chioggia to Cattolica. The Valleys of Comacchio are the real museum and represent one of the most important existing lagoon in Italy and in Europe. They extend in the provinces of Ferrara and Ravenna in part, to more than 11,000 hectares, between Comacchio and the Reno river, and are connected to the sea by channels Magnavacca, Logonovo, Bellocchio and Gobbino. Formed from brackish water salinity very strong: they represent an important wetland habitat of brackish water, consists of extremely halophilic vegetation and declared of international interest, according to the Ramsar Convention in 1971.

Around the valleys focused and developed the historical events and economic territory of Comacchio; it is a unique example of integration between the natural environment and human activities, where salt production and fishing have always been the primary economic base, which was mainly related local crafts, being almost absent agriculture and completely lacking tourism. These economic components were developed almost simultaneously with the emergence of the reclamation and drainage of thousands of acres of the valley, leaving unchanged the part where they still practice especially the typical fishing eel with special instruments called Lavorieri.

The total area is formed by the Fossa di Porto (comprising the oasis of Zavelea), Lido di Magnavacca, Fattibello (not too far in the past that was used for fishing by way of daily sustenance) and Campo; has a morphology articulated because: 
of artificial embankments created to delimit the fishing docks 
the presence of humps, shoals and ancient sand dunes, emerging from water

The Boscoforte is a very impressive stretch of sand, stretches from the River Reno between the Fossa di Porto and Lido Magnavacca for a length of 6 km, formed by bleed-a-coastal dune cordon of Etruscan .


The map of Comacchio in PDF here

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