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Bike and Boat nel Delta del Po


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Blue and green, land and sea chasing each and hug each other in a single territory and level to discover sweetly. On two wheels or boat, to be lulled by the perfumes and bird calls while you can look down on the horizon. 

A delicate balance between man and nature distinguishes the Po Delta Park, which inserted into Heritage Site since 1999, protects over 50,000 hectares that protect the mouth of Big River: moist forested areas and zones which are intertwined with canals and sand dunes in a territory that stretches between Goro and Cervia. The bend of the Goro with clam farms, mussels and oysters, the strip of sand isolated on which stands the Goro lighthouse and the Great Wood of Mesola to meet the deer of the dunes, will be among the places to discover in these routes.
Hydraulic engineering works and old buildings bear witness to a long history; the towers of the Castello Estense of Mesola, the Romanesque abbey of Pomposa or hydraulic structures since the Great Reclamation Estense Tower Abate, the Chiavica Holly, Palu Tower and Tower of Finance.
In a landscape where thousands of birds have found a perfect habitat for living among the impalpable outlines of winter fog and the bright colors of spring, the man is a privileged spectator, who can see, walk, cycle and fish, perhaps in silence , not to spoil the spectacle of a recall or a flutter.
Turn off the engine and arrange in "slow" mode! Select the proposal to visit of your choice, following the routes on the map. Do not waste, above all, the opportunity to try a new experience if you've never done, quietly rides on flat embankments or let yourself be lulled by a boat; and if you've never tried it, you learn to fish the clams! Suggested itineraries, covering the area north of the Po Delta Park Emilia, in Volano station, Mesola and Goro, are always accessible and take place along bike paths, boat, or on roads that connect the points of interest. Each itinerary can last a few hours or an entire day; for proposals that include navigation is advisable to book in advance. To extend the exploration to the Park in the central area of Comacchio and south to Cervia, just tap into the information on the official site of the park itself (

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